DAO Consulting and Cultural Brokering

In the U.S., families of children and youth with epilepsy often lack access to organized community-based health care services and family-centered systems of care. The Epilepsy Foundation of America is a national organization dedicated to the welfare of those with epilepsy and their families.

In New York, The Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York has implemented Project Access, to help face the challenge of supporting families from highly diverse racial, ethnic, and linguistic groups in New York City with children living with epilepsy. EFMNY used a number of approaches to better support culturally and linguistically diverse families. One approach was cultural brokering. A cultural broker can serve as liaison, cultural guide, and mediator among patients, their families, and health care providers and organizations.

A recent Epilepsy Foundation brief, “Cultural Brokers Help Families and Providers Bridge the Cultural Divide,” talked about Helen Dao’s work as a cultural broker.

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